Teacher Strikes Student With A Belt at Gwynn Park Middle School

By Heidi Saucier

A substitute teacher in Prince George’s County, Maryland, is under fire after a video surfaced that shows him striking students with a belt.

The incident happened May 15 at Gwynn Park Middle School in Brandywine. The video below shows a man hitting students with an object as children scream and laugh in the background.

Should teachers have the right to discipline a student? There are numerous debates over this issue and each time a video like this surfaces it brings this issue to the forefront.

Debate.org results show that 67% of people think teachers should NOT be able to physically discipline students and 33% think that teachers and educators should have the right to discipline. Each group provides a detailed list of the reasons why discipline should or should not be allowed.

What do you think? Take the poll below and let us know!



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